Where It All Started!

Made in Canada with good for you ingredients, indulge yourself with one of our hemp infused bath products!

Meet Our Founder
Samantha Venator

Samantha was born and raised on Vancouver Island. She grew up barefoot with sand in her pockets, combing the beaches for "treasures".  She currently resides in northern Alberta with her "crew" which consists of her husband, four children, moose her dog and luna her cat.

When Samantha was twenty-four she first started to experience symptoms of Fibromyalgia, sore joints, lethargy & muscle pains. "Fibro" runs in her family with the majority of her female relatives experience many of the "Fibro" symptoms. 

 Fast forward a few years to the legalization of Cannabis in Canada and the increasing popularity of CBD. Samantha found a wonderful CBD bath bomb at a local retailer. She loved the relaxing sense of euphoria provided by the CBD in the bath bomb but didn't like the extra's sticking to her skin and bathtub.

So she set out to create a superior bath bomb in her kitchen with the help of her daughter who also suffers from sensitive skin and scent allergies. She crafted a bath fizzer using only natural ingredients and essential oils that won't leave your tub or skin feeling oily. 

Our Mission

Love Your Body

To create thoughtfully crafted; nutrient-rich hemp-infused bath and body products to help you feel better in whole; body & mind!


Using natural and healthy ingredients to promote wellness and self-healing. Our products are made by hand in Alberta, Canada.


At Seafoam, we take pride in knowing there are no artificial colours, parabens or sulphates in our products.

We pride ourselves in offering clean, handcrafted, Canadian made, effective hemp-infused bath products.


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Disclaimer:  Our Products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illnesses or disease.